The Beginning of yesterdays hike in the California Sierras



This is the beginning of yesterdays hike in the California Sierras near Lake Tahoe. This trail ends up on the top of 10,000 foot Mt Tallac in Desolation Wilderness. Beautiful Autumn day with all the trees full of color. As the trail ascends the mountain, it winds past several small alpine lakes.

Desolation wilderness, and indeed the entire Sierra Nevada range, has many treats for the traveler any time of the year. It will not be too long now before these trails will be covered by 10-20 feet of snow! That’s when we play and breakout the snowboards, Skiis and have winter fun! California is not all about Surfing and beaches (smirk) although I am looking forward to the large pacific waves and heading out for a surf soon too 🙂

Part of what I would like to show in this blog is to share the wonder that is California’s wild side, far outside of the cities and what the state is well known for. I will also show the more popular side, the cities and fast life, but for me it is all about balancing the two. Hope you enjoy the Golden State as much as I 🙂

About Steve Watson

I was born in Santa Cruz, California Some of my loves are; Surfing big waves, hiking in beautiful places, playing guitar, and loving life :)
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