Fresh snow in the California Mountains – Lake Tahoe

Had a great time with good friends in Lake Tahoe this weekend! The California side of the Sierra mountains ended up getting over 5 feet of new snow this past week, so we couldn’t resist the chance of snowboarding all this fresh powder!

This picture was taken near the top, at close to 10,000 feet. The view is looking northwest towards Lake Tahoe and the western Sierra range. What a weekend it has been!


Here’s the family cabin showing last nights snowfall


Get out and enjoy the fresh snow!!!! 

Steve Watson

About Steve Watson

I was born in Santa Cruz, California Some of my loves are; Surfing big waves, hiking in beautiful places, playing guitar, and loving life :)
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One Response to Fresh snow in the California Mountains – Lake Tahoe

  1. Sidney Watson says:

    Dad! Where are some pictures from this weekend of Tahoe?

    Looking forward to them!

    Love you

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