My road trip South

Sierra Nevada - Sonora Pass

The trip south begins

I have to say, this last trip I just returned from was a blast. It all started in South Lake Tahoe on August 8th of this year. Cliff, my good friend of many years bought a nice camper truck. He needed a ride since it was down in Southern California. Well rather then fly down, which would have cost way too much since it was a short notice, we decided to drive down and make a road trip out of it. So off we went (more later)

I recently returned from a beautiful trip down HWy 395 in Eastern California, and I was wondering if anyone loves it as much as I. Also I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions on places to camp. We checked out Toms place, which is right below Mamouth and thought it was great. I haven’t camp there. Any suggestions of camping in the Eastern Sierras would be much appreciated. Thanks

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I was born in Santa Cruz, California Some of my loves are; Surfing big waves, hiking in beautiful places, playing guitar, and loving life :)
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  1. MichaelWatson says:

    Hey Steve, Dad went with some friends to Kennedy Meadows. It sounded like a really nice place when he talked about it.

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