Steve Watson – on a journey to the unknown 

Well if there’s one thing I’ve learned through the years, it’s that true growth usually only happens when I move out of my comfort zone. Not that it was always my choice to move beyond a comfortable place. Indeed there were times, as with everyone, that I was thrust into the unknown. However, I have become used to the unknown and actually thrive on it. I know it may seem strange to seek out being uncomfortable, but it is my way of finding what I am made of – who Steve Watson is afterall. Originally, like many people I am sure, I felt as though I was not given a choice on some of the things in my life. However if I were to be completely honest, I did have a choice in my actions that may or may not have brought upon these changes. This is the other very important aspect to true growth I believe – complete honesty. So as I move along this journey into the unknown, I feel that as long as I am completely honest with myself, and continue to remain in an uncomfortable state, who knows what life may find. I do have regrets, but I can’t change that now. However I can look back at the choices I made at the time that brought about good or not so good changes, and do my best to understand why I made those choices. Life is funny that way and thankfully it goes on.. The best things in my life have come from the most trying of times. The struggle was well worth it I have found.

About Steve Watson

I was born in Santa Cruz, California Some of my loves are; Surfing big waves, hiking in beautiful places, playing guitar, and loving life :)
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