Floating down the emerald river

As we floated down the Truckee River, i realized there really is nothing quite like floating down a mountain river with friends and some refreshing cold beer. Ok so the Truckee river, which flows from Lake Tahoe, through the canyon past Sqaw Valley, isn’t exactly a physically challenging one, but that’s the point. As you float through the canyon, you are completely absorbed, soaking in the beautiful scenery along the way. The weather, warm but not too terribly hot, is a welcome relief to the scorching temperatures of the 100 degrees of the Valleys. As you wind your way through some mild ‘rapids’ there really is plenty of time to relax in between. It can become a bit busy, but its a great way to make new friends along the way. At the end of the run, is a very cool bar and grill, where it all comes together. The river is about a 3 hour drive from San Francisco, and well worth the drive

Till next time, enjoy it out there




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California Gold found

Driving through the canyons of the California central Sierra Nevada mountains is a real treat and one I enjoy. This weekend some friends be I dropped in the canyon to camp on the American River. What a place. Its about two hours East of San Francisco and It is on this River where some of the first gold in California was found, and you can still find the remnants of the memories left behind. What m y people may not know though is there is still gold being found there today. Well that’s my story.

Being that last winter was a light snow season, the River is much lower than its been foes many years. I have to be honest, I just went down for the beauty and some nice swimming days in the warm water. It’s crystal clear water is a nice refreshing relief from the hot summer sun. Anyway, call it fate or simply dumb luck, whatever it was as I was swimming one day I happen to look up towards a layer of quartz, and as I looked closely, there it was. That unmistakable shimmering of a vein of beautiful gold. There as I soak in disbelief, as folks pass by with buckets, picks and pans, I couldn’t believe it. Lets just say it was a good place to swim and one that I will be returning to very soon this summer. As I get details of where, I will share so you too can join the fun. Careful of gold fever though. It hit me 🙂

So it just goes to show, the gold rush of California is still alive and well even after all these years! 🙂 I’ll be writing more on my return soon

Till then, happy trails wherever they may lead you



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California High Sierras

This picture was taken while crossing the Sierras looking East across Silver lake. This lake has many great spots to camp and lots of great places to kayak. I’ve spent a lot of good times here and looking forward to many more. If your traveling from Lake Tahoe, it’s a little over an hour South by car. From San Francisco and the coast, it’s about a 3 hours drive.

Hopefully you can check it out, as it well worth your time

Happy travels!


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Lake Tahoe in the Summer


Hiking along the Tallac trail, looking to the South with Mt Tallac in the background. One of my favorite hikes in the South shore

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Driving South from San Francisco

California Coast south of San Francisco

California Coast south of San Francisco

Driving along the coast can be a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. Once you get out of the city and head south, there are many beaches and views that offer a great place to stop to soak it all in. There also many surf spots along the way, from the gentle beach breaks all the way to the huge swells rolling across the Pacific.

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