San Francisco Solar Eclipse today (5-20-12)

San Francisco Solar Eclipse - May 2012

What a nice solar eclipse today!

This picture was taken outside a home in the Laurel Heights district of San Francisco at around 6:45pm. It shows the image of the sun just after total eclipse, as shown through the leaves of a tree. You can see the many images projected on the wall behind.

The eclipse was best viewed along the West coast of North America, about 2 hours before sunset that day. I actually forgot that it was happening today, but I noticed there was a strange light, and then it dawned on me that the eclipse was happening. I tried to view and take a picture through the iPhone, but it didnt really work too well. So, remembering what I did years ago, I grabbed a few pieced of paper and made a pin-hole through the first. What you can do is project the sun through the pin-hole, and onto the background paper. Well, it didn’t work too well either. So just when I was going to give up, I noticed that the shadows from the trees were a bit different then normally. I didn’t know what, I just felt something was different. Then it struck me, as the Sun shown through the tree leaves, it projected the eclipse on the pavement and walls behind.

So if you look at the picture carefully, you can see many “cresent’ shaped suns!



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